Palau Roman Tmetuchl Airport (ROR) banks, ATMs and currency exchange

Location: Koror, Palau Currency: USD US$ United States Dollar

A list of currency exchange, ATMs and banks' branches in Palau Roman Tmetuchl Airport (ROR). See locations, phone numbers, working hours and services.

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National Development Bank of Palau


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Palau Roman Tmetuchl Airport (ROR) Currency Exchange Rate

Here's the estimated foreign currency exchange rates at Koror Airport for May 21, 2024. Just enter the amount you want to convert and the from/to currency. The official currency for Koror is USD US$ United States Dollar. These live exchange rates are updated daily but only gives you an estimate rate that may be different at the airport. We are not associated with Koror Airport or any currency exchange services.

About Palau Roman Tmetuchl Airport (ROR)

Palau Roman Tmetuchl Airport (ROR) is an international airport located in Airai, Babeldaob Island, Palau. It’s located about 4 miles (6 km) from Koror and 15 miles (25 km) from Melekeok. The airport is named in honor of the late local politician and businessman Roman Tmetuchl. It covers an area of 480 acres & is equipped with one runway and one main passenger terminal. It’s the hub for Palau Airways.

Phone: +971 52 514 2050

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