Where and How to Sell Leftover Currency

Many travelers find themselves in the dire situation of having leftover currencies when it becomes impossible to spend all. It is best advised to exchange such currencies right before the end of your trips. This article gives a clue to where and how to exchange leftover currencies.

What to do with leftover currency?

Sell/Exchange it

You can either sell/exchange leftover currencies in the bank and airports. However, it is best advised to try this means if it is an excessive amount of money as you will be getting an unfavorable exchange rate. Also, many banks won’t accept certain currencies and won’t accept coins at all. However, there are some exchange services such as Travelex that gives you a good deal (such as no hidden charges) when exchanging leftover currencies.

How to sell leftover currency via Travelex
Travelex is an online platform that allows an effective exchange of currency and delivers straight to your doorstep either in cash or money card. Exchanging using Travelex involves;

• Decide the amount of currency you want to sell.
• You can then visit a Travelex location near you or mail your currency.
• You will receive your currency exchange back in either check or cash based on the day’s rate.

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How to sell leftover currency at airport
Most airports have stores which you can exchange some of your unused currency. Although this means can be quite expensive, it’s worth your time as it’s quite convenient.

• Find a currency exchange booth at the airport.
• Hand over the amount of leftover currency you want to exchange (you might be charged a conversion rate).
• Then collect the money exchanged in your local currency.

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How to sell leftover currency at home
• Research on the current exchange rate between the local and foreign currency.
• Visit a nearby major banking institution.
• Enquire about their money exchanging policy (including their rates and charges).
• Pick a form and fill.
• Then pay in cash in the amount you want to exchange.

Spend before leaving the country

Spending the currencies right before the end of your trip is a sure way to get rid of leftover currency. The leftover currency can be used to offset some of your remaining hotel bills, and you could use it for a taxi ride in place of using credit cards. You could probably treat yourself at the airport, buy a bit of a souvenir such as clothes to wear, books and magazines for yourself or a friend.

Save it for the next trip

If you are likely to take another trip to the same country in no distant future, then you can keep it for such times. Exchanging it won’t be your best take as such money could be put to best use by then. Such local currency would help to relieve stress that comes with settling in upon arriving the country and keep you from the rigors of having to exchange the money at an ATM stand.

Donate it

Your leftover currency could go a long way to putting a smile on someone face. You could donate such currencies for Charities. Agencies such as UNICEF have a platform available to help donate easily through their website. Also, currencies from different parts of the world could be used as a means of illustration for students in schools. This helps for better understanding of a particular country’s history and geography as many of them have their historical significance embedded in their currencies.

Make Art (magnets, jewelry etc.)

If you have a flair for artistic articles which you could probably use to decorate your home or your office. You could take coins from your leftover currencies coupled with others from other countries once visited and convert them into decorative articles. Also, with the help of a driller, you could drill holes on coins and run a string through to make a bracelet. This means could help keep memories of such country alive.

Keep it as a souvenir

Keeping leftover currencies isn’t always the best case as currencies can become obsolete and lose their value over time. Having this as a souvenir could help you put it to good use in cases of keeping a favorite collection of past events, decorating a frame to hold a favorite travel photo and gifting to a friend or your kids

Keeping a sumptuous amount of leftover currency has not always been the best case as the money could get obsolete overtime. Instead, you can either exchange it in the bank, airport, or online platform that offers less conversion rate. Try any of the means of exchange which proves to be the best fit.