ATM and Currency Exchange Safety and Security Tips (Avoid Scam!)

ATM and Currency Exchange safety and security threats have currently been a major issue. This is due to thousands of scam cases that have been reported. To help you, we prepared some safety and security tips for you to follow. These will help you avoid being the next victim of scams, especially when traveling abroad.

ATM Safety and Security Tips

Be observant
Before you insert your card into the machine, check the machine’s pad, camera, cash dispenser, and other things that you need to check before you withdraw your cash. If one of those is not properly attached, then you may call the security to check it. But if there is no security available, it may be wise to find another machine nearby. Also, try to see if there is no suspicious person around you. It is better to make the withdrawal with the presence of a security personnel.

Keep your cash right away
As much as you can, keep your cash right away. Keep it inside your wallet as soon as you receive it from the cash dispenser. Counting your money while you are still in front of the ATM may attract thieves. So, you better do the counting in a private place.

Leave if you notice something
Your instincts can help you on many occasions. If you notice something different in the environment, or in the machine itself, then don’t hesitate to leave right away. What’s more, it is not really that difficult to find another ATM around your area.

If you’re traveling and just arrived to your destination, Airport ATM machines are usually secure as there are many security personnel within the airport. Of course, we still advice you to follow the safety tips information we provided above.

Currency Exchange Safety and Security Tips

Choose a licensed money changer
Before you make a transaction with a certain money changer, you need to know if the agency is licensed or not. To make sure of this, search about the money-changing company prior to making transactions.

Look for security cameras
Again, it is better to do the transaction with the presence of security cameras or guards. This will keep you away from thieves or robbers. So, before you start the transaction with the money changer, look around to see if there are cameras installed near the place or in the money changer itself.

Keep the receipt
It is always advisable to keep receipts of any transactions. You may use the receipt once you encounter problems with the money changer. With this, you have at least some proof to show if every dispute happens.

Be wise
After all, this is the most important thing that you need to consider. You need to be wise. If the money changer says that he/she cannot pay you in full amount since they have run out of cash, then find another money changer that can give you the full amount.

Airport currency exchange service are probably the most convenient and secure way as far as currency exchange location goes. However, they are not usually the best value for your money and we still advice following the safety tips mentioned above.

It is always better to travel without worrying about your money’s safety and security. After all, it is just a matter of being cautious and wise for you to avoid scams and fraud. You may also share these tips with your friends and loved ones so they may also know!