Flight Delayed or Cancelled? (Compensation and Refund Guide)

Whether we pack a week ahead of time or stay up late to get it done at the last minute, the disappointment we feel when we find out our flight has been delayed or cancelled is the same. So, it is important to know about the rules of compensation and refund. Continue reading as we will provide a brief compensation and refund guide for a delayed or cancelled flight.

Are You Eligible For Compensation? (Know Your Rights)

One of the most common questions that people ask is, “whether they are eligible or not if their flight gets cancelled?” Well, according to the EU regulation 261/2004 and Turkish Regulation on Air passengers’ rights, if your flight was delayed, you are eligible for compensation. But the flight must satisfy the necessary conditions. Generally, the compensation for cancelled or delayed flights is from €125-€600. But the exact amount can vary according to the delay duration and flight distance.

Here are some more details about compensation rules that assure your eligibility for compensation:
· Your flight is cancelled
· Due to overbooking, you were denied boarding
· Your flight is delayed for over 3 hours
· The flight is delayed for less than 3 hours, but you miss your connecting flight and reached your final destination more than 3 hours late

Other conditions include:
· Weather delays and other extraordinary circumstances cannot delay the flight
· Your flight should be commenced no later than 6 years ago

So, if one of the above-mentioned conditions happened to you. Then you are entitled to flight cancellation or delayed compensation.

What Can You Claim? (Compensation Guide)

Flight Delay
Travel by air isn’t always as easy as we’d like. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, flight delays happen. You can claim up to $700 for flight delays if your flight gets delayed. Your delayed flight compensation depends on a couple of factors, including how long you were delayed and how far your flight was.

Also, most people think that their employers are entitled to compensation, but that’s not the case. Because the passenger suffers all the inconvenience, that’s why they are entitled to the delay compensation. However, there is a possibility that your airline can offer compensation in the form of a flight voucher. And it is obvious that you can’t deny a voucher for a new flight when you are tired and frustrated.

Flight Cancellation
Air travel can be unpredictable and sometimes your flight can get cancelled. You can also claim up to $700 in case of a flight cancellation. And the amazing thing is you can also get the compensation even if the airline has already arranged a new replacement flight.

A flight is considered canceled if it never departs the tarmac. And the cancellation may depend on various reasons. But if a flight takes off late, it will be a delayed flight, not a canceled flight. Still, you could get the delay compensation if you arrived at your destination over 3 hours late. The important thing to remember is that the airline must have to offer either a refund or a new flight.

Missed Connection
It seems like the worst nightmare, especially when you are on a long journey. However, if you miss your connecting flight because of flight cancellation, delay, or being denied boarding, you are eligible for the compensation.

The connecting flight is a term for a flight that is not direct. Although the flights are booked as a single booking, but it contains flights into or connecting via other airports along the way. But no need to worry, your airline is responsible for arranging a new flight or you can get the entitled compensation.

You are also entitled to compensation if you are on an overbooked flight. You will get the clue as the flight attendants will already be asking volunteers to take another plane. Usually, they provide a travel voucher and if you are not in a hurry, this will be a good deal.

Overbooking flights are very common in the travel industry. Because the airlines sell more seats than available assuming that not all passengers will show up for the flight. Fortunately, there are laws that make sure passengers are getting compensated in that regard. So, knowing the air passenger rights will help you decide to take the right step.

Denied Boarding
When the airline refuses to let you board your flight even though you haven’t done anything wrong, knowing your air passenger rights will help you know what to do next. There are a couple of things to do if you are being denied boarding.

First of all, you should not volunteer your seat for vouchers or benefits in exchange for a discount. And you should hold on to your boarding pass and other travel documents. Also, don’t forget to ask why you are being denied boarding.

Delayed Baggage
If your flight was also canceled or delayed, you can claim compensation for delayed baggage too. In case of local or international flights, hold on to your checked luggage receipts and boarding pass.

In addition, if you find your baggage damaged, then report the damage before leaving. After filling out the damage claim form, present your bags for inspection so they can be replaced or repaired. Then file a claim with the airlines according to your airline’s policy.

Airline Strike
If an airline’s crew or staff goes on strike, mostly it results in massive flight disruption. This is greatly inconvenient for air passengers, as it puts people in a lot of confusion. Well, if you have faced delays because of an airline strike, you are entitled up to $700 in airline strike compensation.

You could be eligible for compensation if the staff goes on strikes involving all the employees working directly under the airline. Airlines are responsible for compensating passengers for flight disruptions that they are responsible for.

How to Claim and Get Compensated?

If you have just found out that your flight is cancelled or delayed, don’t despair. Hold on to your travel documents and boarding and ask why the flight is delayed. Collect proof of the delay and note down your arrival time. Also, ask your airline to pay for your meals and refreshments, and don’t sign any document or offer that can waive your right.

It is important to hold on to all your documents so that you can claim because all airlines have different procedures and required documents. You can also get help from online service such as AirHelp to claim compensation. Use the Online Eligibility Checker, and Boarding pass scanner in order to claim.

If you travel a lot, whether it is for work or going on a vacation. It is crucial to know your rights so you can travel without any hesitation. If you are stuck in any of the above situations, contact your airline and claim your compensation rights with all the documents and proof.